Double Fake “prince” Big Pie Hole Harry Hid On 3ed Row at Step Father Fake “prince” No Chin Charlie’s coronation ceremony With Pedophile Andy’s Kids Because Of Gold Digger Megan’s PMS Blowups

Pussy whipped Big Pie Hole Harry has allowed his gold digger bitch to publicly show her permeant PMS affliction to the point No Chin Charlie, a Commoner descended from Commoner bastards Edward the 4th and Richard the 3ed, has made seating arrangements to hide Di’s bastard son along with his Pedophile brother Andy’s kids. No […]

Rothschild’s Illegally Nuclear Armed Israhell Illegally Occupying Palestine Claims a Real Country, Iran Can Make a Nuke

The Rothschild’s private fiefdom Israhell located in Illegally occupied Palestine which has from 90 to 300 illegal nukes which they threaten to blow the whole world up with if anyone tries to stop the Khazarian Mafia from raping, robbing and Holocausting humanity (Samson Option), is again hypocritically caterwauling Iran could, might, may produce a nuke. […]