Tired of the USA Navy Pirating Oil Tankers Carrying Iranian Oil, Iran’s IRGC seizes foreign oil tanker in Strait of Hormuz

In a Bare Assed Big Brass Balls Hypocritical statement, the USA Navy Pirates which have been regularly pirating tankers so they could steal Iranian oil had this to say: “Iran’s actions are contrary to international law and disruptive to regional security and stability,” the 5th Fleet statement said. “Iran’s continued harassment of vessels and interference […]

Almost half of British Commonwealth wants to ditch monarchy – poll

Don’t sweat it Brits. You don’t have a monarchy now. You have a family of of criminals and pedophiles descended from commoner bastards. ‘THE QUEEN OF ENGLAND AND THE CHILDREN WHO DISAPPEARED’ https://www.dailykos.com/stories/2010/7/3/881519/- Kingship works this way. God choose a man as king. His oldest surviving son, or in more modern times, daughter upon the […]

Mount Rushmore From The Canadian Side

I had Cousins on both sides of the fight. My seventh great grandmother was Anne Washington, George Washington’s great aunt. On the Carleton side, the first Carleton in England was Baldwin, The Carleton Last name originated with him. It is actually old welsh for “Where farmers Live” and was taken from the village of Carleton […]