Russians Legally In Syria Seem to Be Baiting US jets Illegally In Syria to Dogfights in Syria, War Criminal USA “general” Whines

Russian pilots have begun buzzing USA CORPORATION’s

fighter jets over Syria which are there illegally in violation of International law and a War Crime, while Russia is there by invitation of the Syrian government to stop USA’s boss, Israel’s

ISIS from stealing most of Syria for the Rothschilds, in apparent invitations to dogfight, according to the three-star political whore in a general’s uniform in charge of U.S. air operations in the Middle East.

Russian fighter pilots are “increasingly bellicose” in their flying and “aggressively maneuvering, almost like they’re trying to dogfight,” Air Forces Central Command boss, political prostitute in a generals’s uniform, Lt. Gen. Alexus Grynkewich said. “Our protocols would say we’re supposed to stay … several miles apart and just monitor each other.”

I wonder if they teach ANYTHING other than dick sucking and taking it up the ass while saying yes to Rothschild’s treasonous to America political whores, in them USA military academies?

Cause the solution to this problem is very clear and very easy to solve.

USA which in a war crime illegally invaded Syria, is illegally occupying parts of Syria while stealing Syria’s oil, gas and wheat crops, packs up their tents and gets the hell out of Syria.

This Air Force bitch in a general’s uniform’s whining about Russian jet jockeys threatening his war criminals over Syrian skies is like unto a home invading thief and rapist complaining a friend of the homeowner who is in the house by invitation threatens to shoot the criminal who illegally broke into the home with evil intentions.

What can you say?
USA murdered the last real American general for standing up for America against the Rothschild’s

red Russian Communist/Zionist in Washington DC who were selling American’s asses to the highest bidder, the Rothschilds.

If the USA had not murdered Patton, he could have stopped the Cold War from ever happening.
That’s why USA murdered him because the Cold War was pre-planned so then Americans could die in the pre-planned Korean and Viet Nam Wars.
Lots of money to be made out of the shed blood of Americans dying in war while slaughtering others.

The Ole Dog!

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