Kalifornia Could Phase Out Diesel Locomotives

I see where Kalifornia also wants to not have diesel tractor trailer rigs in their shit hole and has demanded the Post office stop using internal combustion engines on mail delivery vehicles in Kalifornia.

There is a very simple solution.

Rail companies, US Post Office and Trucking companies establish huge yards in Oregon, Nevada and Arizona just inside those states lines bordering Kalifornia.

All mail and products going to Kalifornia is staged in these yards.
Kalifornia can create jobs much needed in Kalifornia by hiring Kalifornians to herd pack mules.

Kalifornia goes to these yards, packs all mail and products on pack mule trains and takes it to be distributed in Kalifornia.

There of course is the problem with the mules farting which causes Kalifornian political clowns to expel the contents of their colons into their unmentionables, but I am sure catalytic converters could be shoved up the mules asses.

The Ole Dog!

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