Must I God, I asked?

Must I God, I asked-
Why is it always me which gets tasked-

With the herding of the clueless sheep-
None of the knowledge or truth given through the ages do they keep-

They bleat in anger at the truth of the plan of spiritual growth-
They bleat in fear at things seen in the light of day and shadows of the dark both-

They back up and poop on the the truth tellers feet-
When warned the jackals will eat their lambs tender meat-

The herd cuss those who try to turn them away from the slaughter house door-
When warned marching off the cliff will kill their asses they just want to do it more-

They are dirty smelly dumb stupid ignorant suicidal arrogant losers who think they are gods-
Instead of tax slaves used for cannon fodder and sexual toys for the jackals diseased rods-

So why must I life after life be punished herding the primitive with pigs fornicating sheep monkeys-
Why must I be tasked with bringing Light to these loser jackals sheep flunkies-

God said I warned you about them but you thought you were smarter than me-
So I put you in charge of them so you would learn and see-

Knowledge does not necessarily wisdom make-
Understanding of the knowledge to birth wisdom it does take-

I made you a sheep herder so you would learn through your frustration-
To choose much more carefully what type of creature you give your association-

They are merely teaching aids in a hard school-
Bottom of the barrel primitive souls in bodies from the bottom of the gene pool-

But you have learned well so soon you will graduate form this level-
And the sheep will have to find some other truth teller to call the devil-

They will remain in their shit world they chose wallowing in their swallow-
While you will cross that rainbow bridge to Valhalla-

The Ole Dog!

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