Ladies and Gentlemen Take My Advice, Pull Down Your Pants and Slide on the Ice

When I was young I made a very bad mistake.
I married this girl I had dated on and off for years.
We were married 2 years, 8 days.
Six months of that was the lawyers screwing around and not getting things taken care of.

But I recall one evening I wanted to watch MASH, while she insisted she was going to watch Little House On The Prairie.

I got in my car, went and bought a second TV.
See how easy minor conflicts can be solved?
A second TV and a couple of lawyers and I have not had to spend the last forty something years being miserable.

I watched every MASH show, many several times.
The thing I remember the most from all the shows was once when everyone in the MASH unit got a big case of the red ass, and the army psychiatrist was called in.

At the end of the show after he got everyone back to normal, he turned as he was leaving the tent and said, “ladies and gentlemen, take my advise.
Pull down your pants and slide on the ice”.

In other words, chill.
Don’t sweat the minor stuff.
It will pass, whatever it is, it will pass.

The only history my family has of my great grandfather Carleton’s combat experience during the illegal war criminal invasion of the Southland by the USA is one short story.

The name of the battle it happened in has been lost to us.

He was a trained medical doctor but had decided the doctoring of souls was more his calling.
At the time the USA terrorist invaded his country called a state gang raping children, pregnant women and minister’s daughters, often to death, stealing everything, burning everything,

he was a Methodist circuit riding minister in Washington county Arkansas.

As a minister, he did not have to go to war, he was exempted.
But this was the grandson and great grandson of several men who were George Washington’s winter soldiers during the American Revolution.

His ancestor and two of his ancestors brothers died in one day in the same battle fighting the puritan evil back in England.
Now the puritan evil was invading his homeland.

Lewis Carleton. G grandmother Margret Tucker Carleton, who’s father served Under Jackson in the war oh 1812, two nephews. He was the medical Dr, circuit riding Methodist minister, Confederate solder and chaplain.

He went down and joined up as a common soldier.
At the time there were no Chaplin slots in the Confederate army.
There were not many in the yankee terrorist army either.

After a while Jefferson Davis who did not like Chaplins was forced to institute the position in the army by mothers of teen age sons who went to war.
They told him if he wanted their sons fighting, he best get some Chaplins in there to curb the influence of whiskey drinking, cussing, gambling and camp follower soiled doves.

He was them made a Chaplin and shot yankees only when he was not engaged as a minister.

One battle he told the account and it was passed down, how he knelt and prayed with a dying comrade who had been shot down by his side, while yankee bullets was knocking bark from a live oak tree into his face.

As a young man I always wondered how he could kneel on a battle field and pray with a dying man while bullets whipped all around him.
I knew I could fight back, I could do battle, but could I have such trust in the hand of God that I could do what my great grandfather did.

I confess running this blog, daily telling the truth of the evil all around, the perversions, the lies of those who the sheep call “leaders” is not something I wanted to do.

I tried to play hooky this life.
The USA murdered me my last two lives for standing up for America and the people and the sheep did nothing, said nothing, just went on with their lives loving and honoring those who murdered me and who were herding the American sheep straight through the slaughter house doors while making a dung heap of America.

I wanted nothing to do with the sheep.
I tried to hide out in the crowd.
When offered West Point I passed.
Did mine enlisted this time.
When both sides of my family were running Washington DC, I take great pride I can say I refused to step foot into Sodom & Gomorrah even once in this life.

But after God got through whipping up on me, I agreed to do my duty as a truth teller.
That is why I do this blog.
Lots of things I would rather be doing than posting story after story of the evil loose in the world and have the sheep decide I am insane for showing them the truth they hate and refuse to listen to.

I have been warned by many people many times the evil ones may just decide to murder me.
There are people who do not understand why I am still alive.

I got on my knees years back and begged God for understanding leading to wisdom.

This world is not real, it is a programed illusion, a school run to teach souls, to give souls a chance to reject evil and embrace good.
A chance to get rid of the lust and greed from their souls, to embrace understanding leading to wisdom which is the path to being worthy to be in the presence of the Creator GOD.

I serve God.
God will not allow the evil to kill me until I have done what God wants done, until my duty here this life is complete.
And when God says it is time to come home, then that is what needs to happen.

The USA murdered me in 1861.
I beat up on myself for allowing them to take me out so easy and so early.
If I had not have died, the South would not have lost.

But I finally realized if God had not allowed them to murder me, they would not have been allowed to.
The South had to lose so things can be as evil as they are right now.
Souls must be tested.
There is always a final exam to every school class.
When there are good people leading the people, good is the norm, it is easy to live a good life.

I accepted it was not my fault the South lost, it was God’s will as the final exam of evil right now is to test souls will they stand with goodness, with God when one is punished for doing so, and being evil, lying, cheating, selling your soul to the dark side is cheered as being a winner.
Even when people are encouraged to rape children as a “normal” act.

My body had to die when it did so I could be reincarnated when I was for my next duty.
When that duty was complete, when I was telling the truth which the sheep did not want to hear anyway, when I once again was trying to save America from the evil ones and the sheep from themselves, the evil was allowed to murder me again.

Because the sheep did not want to be saved because things had to be this evil, because my body had to die when it did so I could reincarnate when I did so I could be here now, warning the sheep who refuse to listen.

The teaching plan for this school is scripted.
The final exam for souls for this class must happen.

I am still alive because I placed this body into God’s hand in order to do my Duty.
When that duty is done then God will allow the evil ones to murder me again.
And I will return to Valhalla to eat meat, drink mead and train for the next battle against the forces of evil.

If you have sold your soul for temporary worldly wealth and acclaim, fleeting earthly pleasures, then I understand the terror the thought of death brings.

But when you are a wolf of Odin so speak, death holds no fear.
Your soul, this earthly life is in the hands of God.

This means with all the evil surrounding one at this time, with the threats of war, threats of a one world communist dictatorship run by little child raping dark side imps of hell, one can with complete ease and confidence, pull down their pants and slide on the ice.

Chill, no red ass here.
God’s will be done!

The Ole Dog!

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