Mexico Criminal Illegally in Texas Murders 5 Hondurans Illegally In Texas & USA/DC & Sub Corporation ‘STATE OF TEXAS’ Will Now Caterwaul To Take Texicans Self Defence Weapons

San Jacinto County Sheriff Greg Capers said they were able to identify Francisco Oropeza through his Mexican consulate card and a doorbell camera. Francisco Oropeza who should have been in Mexico shot and killed five Hondurans who should have been in Honduras. Capers said they have had previous calls to Oropeza’s home regarding him shooting […]

Royal superfans set up coronation camp in the Mall a week before the big day! Britain gets out the bunting as preparations for King Charles III’s crowning

No worries mate! Both Edward the 4th and Richard the 3ed were bastard commoners and not the prodigy of their slut mama’s Plantagenet Prince husband. This means the ROYAL line of succession was broken twice by commoner English bastards meaning there has not been a legitimate English monarch on the throne since 1440 AD. The […]

US officials Accuse Russia of Antagonizing Washington’s Illegally Occupying Terrorist Troops in Syria The Americans Claim There Is “Unsafe and Unprofessional” Activity Where They Have No Right to Be

The USA/DC CORPORATION Has no concept of reframing from illegally invading and in war crimes illegally occupying other folks countries while stealing everything. USA/DC 20 years after illegally invading Iraq based on lies, mass Holocausting the Iraqi people, stealing everything, destroying homes and public buildings, still illegally occupies Iraq and refuses to leave. 78 years […]