FDA: (Federal Death-Causing) Administration) Vaccines Don’t Have To Prevent Infection Or Transmission-It Is Only Required they Make Billions In Profit For Big Pharma

“Vaccines” don’t have to prevent infection or transmission to be cleared in the United States, the country’s top regulatory agency bitch for Big Pharma said in a new document. “It is important to note that FDA’s authorization and licensure standards for vaccines do not require demonstration of the prevention of infection or transmission,” Dr. Peter […]

Pedo & Mass Holocauster Via Loaded Syringes Bill Gates Donates Millions to NGO that Seeks to Normalize & Legalize Child Rape & Child Prostitution of Children Under 10

The dirty old male Pedo Bill Gates is using his ill gotten gains to try to legalize his sick, disgusting, pissing inn the face of God lust to rape children. It is not demonic enough That he is Holocausting children world wide with his witches brew voodoo killer jabs, he wants to rape the children […]

Australian military not ‘fit for purpose’ – Says Communist Crime Cabal Not Fit To Be Called a Government

The Crime Cabal masquerading as a “government” of Australia says the Australia military is not good enough and the cabal must steal more labor from Aussie workers to buy gee-whiz war toys from Rothschild INC. owned war toy companies because of Communist China. This “government” which wants to spend more of Aussie’s funds on war […]