I don’t agree with everything Max says but they are minor points of understanding difference. I am not a sheep soul. Never have been. I was created a warrior. I was an old soul before the sheep souls clawed their way out of the primeval slime. I no longer have any faith left in “humanity”. […]

Top 7 types of CANCER cases are SKYROCKETING since humans began getting injected with Covid spike protein jabs

NO ONE ANYWHERE IN THSI WORLD CAN PRODUCE A SCIENTIFICALLY VERIFIED IDENTIFIED, ISOLATED, PURIFIED, STAND ALONE, REPRODUCIBLE SAMPLE OF THE MYTHICAL “SARS-COV-2” “VIRUS”. This means it does not exist. A non existent virus can not cause an illness called “COVID-19”. A non existent illness called “COVID-19” can not have “variants”. No “vaccine” can be produced […]