Israhell Citizen and Mass Holocauster of American Children CDC Director Admits KILLER JAB “Vaccines”, WHICH ARE NOT VACCINES” Do Not Prevent NON EXISTENT “COVID-19” Transmission, Blames “Evolution Of Science”

If no one can produce an Identified, Isolated, Purified, Stand Alone, Reproducible Sample of a Mythical “SARS-COV-2” “virus”, and no one can, then “COVID-19” DOES NOT EXIST. So experimenting of humans to see how fast the killer jabs kill humans, what kinds of cancers and heart problems they cause, is a violation of the 1947 […]

US ‘created’ Daesh (ISIS) Terrorist Group, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Admits

The US created ISIS is politically safe way of saying ISIS is a proxy terrorist group owned and operated by the Rothschilds. It is not like the Rothschilds using terrorism to try to rule the world is a new thing. The Rothschilds were responsible for Britain’s Opium wars against China. Rothschilds were responsible for […]