Waco The Rules Of Engagement-Mass Murder of Christians By the USA/DC in Occupied Republic of Texas 30 Years Ago

It is not like the USA Don’t have a long history of the intentional Holocaust of large groups of innocent women and children.

Wounded knee.
Deliberate mass murder of unarmed women, children and old men by the USA

Bodies of murdered by USA and the Ratschild’s Great Britain, civilians in Dresden
A non military target city known to be full of war refugees in late 1945 basically after the war was winding down, fire bombed by Britain for the pure terrorism of it.
The women, children and old men who escaped the flamed were slaughtered by USA “fighter pilots” who knew they were slaughtering children and women.
A USA pilot even killed all the animals in the zoo.
Nothing was to be left alive.

The war in Europe would have been over no later than September 1944 except the USA stopped General Patton from crossing the Rhine as communist Russia had to be given time to take and occupy all of Eastern Europe and half of Germany so there could be a Cold War, and a Korean War, and a Viet Nam war.

When even after the war General Patton tried to stop the Cold War by stopping Russia, the USA murdered Patton

because the USA wanted to slaughter kids in Korea and Viet Nam.
Hell of a lot of money to be made in war.

Dead at Hiroshima awaiting burial.
Dear from atomic bomb attacks after USA has fire bombed several Japanese cities with the dead from the fire bombings reaching higher than the dead from the atomic bombings.
Japan offered to STARTING IN 1943, more than a year before the bombs were dropped, they only wanted to keep their “King” on his throne, symbolically. USA said no, dropped the bombs. Japan surrendered! USA left their King on his throne.

This is what most all North Korea cities looked like after the USA got through bombing the cities filled with women and children.
It was a Holocaust!



A US Army Lt. had his troops slaughter around 500 babies, children, women and a few old men, all non-combatants, all unarmed.
Frustration in a war USA lied to drag America into, where there was no way to win and the people USA was “protecting”, just wanted the war to stop

During Desert Storm in 1991, USA bombed Iraqi cities back into the Stone Age TO INCLUDE BLOWING UP AN ORPHANAGE.

19 children were killed in the Oklahoma City bombing which has the FBI’s fingerprints all over the false flag.

Then using lies the USA politicians made up themselves,

USA mass murdered a half million Iraqi kids through starvation and lack of proper medicine which the USA would not allow to be shipped to Iraq.

Madeleine Albright / “60 Minutes” 500,000 dead Iraqi children “worth it”! Clinton’s sanctions

Using lies the USA politicians made up, USA again invaded Iraq, and no one really knows how many Iraqi children the USA Holocausted in that war crime done based on Damned Lies USA knew were damned lies cause the USA political whores made up the damn lies themselves.

Abeer Qassim al-Janabi, a 14 year old Iraqi girl raped, murdered along with her whole family by US “soldiers” who were illegally in Iraq murdering Iraqi’s based on lies USA/DC political whores made up.

The USA “soldier” who was the ringleader said he did not see Iraqis as humans.
He and his biddies were Holocausting children, raping children, in a land they had no right to be in based on lies, and he said the victims of the USA’s terrorism “were not human”.

19 children in Uvalde Texas were murdered in a false flag for more gun control while over 100 cops not only stood outside for more than an hour doing nothing, but in addition tackled, handcuffed and pepper sprayed any parents trying to save their children themselves.

Given the USA’s track record of mass murdering children for profit and political gain, do you think they gave a flying F##k about burning alive to death 76 people to include 27 children?

Janet Reno approved the war crime attack on the Christian community “because someone, she just could not recall who, told her babies were being beaten there”, which was of course a damned lie.

ATF Was discriminating against their female agents both for advancement and pay scale, plus sexually harassing them.
60 Minuets did an hour long investigation on it and ran it on TV.

Appropriations time was coming up in congress and the ATF looked like hammered dog shit.


ATF decided to put on a cowboy show, make themselves look good.
They picked the Branch Davidians as their Patsys.

The Branch Davidians has several people who held Federal Firearms Licenses, and they sold guns and parts at guns shows.
There was a gun shop in Waco which had sold several firearms to Branch Davidians.

ATF came in and was going over the records with a fine toothed comb.
Shop owner snuck off and called David Kharesh and told him ATF was looking at all their purchases.
David told him to tell the ATF to come out and look at everything they had.

When the shop owner told the ATF David had invited them to go look at all their weapons the ATF threw a hissy fit screaming at the shop owner, “THATS NOT THE WAY WE WANT TO DO IT”!!!

That ATF violated The Posse Comitatus Act is a United States federal law ( 18 U.S.C. § 1385, original at 20 Stat. 152) signed on June 18, 1878, by President Rutherford B. Hayes which limits the powers of the federal government in the use of federal military personnel to enforce domestic policies within the United States.
This was a result of the terrorism, gang rapes and mass murderes done to civilians by the US military during the illegal invasion of the Confederacy.

ATF “borrowed” Texas National Guard helicopters armed with 50 caliber machine guns to put on a show.
ATF invited TV news cameras to come film the fun.
ATF came in firing from military helicopters and agents firing on the buildings from horse trailers.

The Branch Davidians understood the constitution and the guaranteed rights under the constitution, knew the ATF was doing criminal acts which violated the constitution, and damn well defended their homes against the unconstitutional criminal acts of the ATF.

The Feds could not allow Americans to stand up against the Feds so the FBI kicked the ATF out and laid siege to the Branch Davidians homes and church.

In the end the FBI brought in Special Forces snipers and US military tanks, again a violation of the Posse Comitatus Act.

Using the tanks the Feds leveled the walls of the buildings, pumped in highly flammable CS ‘Tear Gas” and burned them alive.

No one was supposed to get out alive.

The handful who did were given sham trials and sent to federal prison.

So Washington DC mass murdered Christians who stood up for their God Given Right reaffirmed by the constitution and the American sheep cheered.

The American sheep bleat:
“God Bless the USA”.

Why would a just God bless a bunch of evil child murderers and the sheep who cheer while the USA violates every God Given Right of Americans and slaughters children all over the world?

The Ole Dog!

Waco-The Rules of Engagement.


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