Eleven More US Troops Illegally Occupying Syria Diagnosed With Traumatic Brain Injuries From Syrian Freedom Fighter Attacks On US Illegal Occupation bases

US Central Command

Colonel Joe Buccino confessed on Thursday that 11 more US troops illegally occupying Syria in a blatant International war crime have been diagnosed with traumatic brain injuries after a series of justified Freedom Fighter attacks against illegal US bases by Syrian Freedom Fighters.

Buccino admitted US military’s medical teams are continuing to check out the injuries their illegal occupation troops received in the Syrian Freedom Fighter’s attacks, for indications of permanent and traumatic brain injuries.

A private mercenary troop hired by the US military was killed at a facility in Syria’s northeastern Hasakah province on March 23. Washington claims the Freedom Fighters were supported by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps which are legally in Syria at the invitation of the Syrian government.

On the same day of the attack on the US base, US troops carried out war crime bombings in Eastern Syria.

The illegal US occupation forces in Syria are illegal under international law.

The Ole Dog! scored in the top 97% OF the whole country and territories in law and military matters when I took my university entrance exam.

Allow the Ole Dog! to splain to the rope chewing politicians in uniform at the pentagon how to stop getting US troops blown up in Syria.

Stop illegally occupying Syria while Holocausting Syrians, supporting terrorist against the duly elected Syrian government, stealing their crops and oil, and get the hell out of Syria.

The Ole Dog!

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