Distressing bodycam footage shows moment New Mexico cops shoot innocent man dead after knocking WRONG house-IF YOU HAVE DONE NOTHING WRONG YOU HAVE NOTHING TO FEAR FROM COPS, RIGHT? RIGHT?

Before America turned into a communist military dictatorship, Americans had Peace Officers. Now low IQ law enFORCEment goons rove the streets armed to the teeth with military grade weapons looking for someone to rape, rob, kidnap or murder. Man was in his own damn home, having done nothing wrong when in the middle of the […]

30 Shekel Judas “headline”-‘Study: Mask mandates made no difference to COVID-19 transmission rates in hospitals’

There is no such existing “virus” as “SARS-COV-2”. NO ONE ANY WHERE ON THIS ROCK CALLED EARTH, CAN PRODUCE AN IDENTIFIED, ISOLATED, PURIFIED, REPRODUCIBLE sample of the MYTHICAL “SARS-COV-2” “virus” Therefore it does not exist. If the Mythical “SARS-COV-02” “virus” does not exist, and it does not, there can be no ‘illness” called “COVID-19” “caused” […]

Eleven More US Troops Illegally Occupying Syria Diagnosed With Traumatic Brain Injuries From Syrian Freedom Fighter Attacks On US Illegal Occupation bases

US Central Command Colonel Joe Buccino confessed on Thursday that 11 more US troops illegally occupying Syria in a blatant International war crime have been diagnosed with traumatic brain injuries after a series of justified Freedom Fighter attacks against illegal US bases by Syrian Freedom Fighters. Buccino admitted US military‚Äôs medical teams are continuing to […]