Cookies Nuland the Israeli Citizen Who Used the US State Department To Overthrow Ukrainian Government & Instigate Russian/Ukraine War Tries To Blame Russia For Her War

Cookies Nulled passes out cookies to Uranians after she used American’s tax loot to hire terrorist to mass murder Ukrainians as an excuse to overthrow the duly elected Ukrainian government so a puppet regime could be put in place and set to murdering ethnic Russians to set up the present war

Cookies Nulled the Israeli citizen who stole five billion dollars from the American workers to hire terrorist and used the US State Department to have the hired terrorist mass murder Ukrainians so she could overthrow the duly elected Ukrainian government so she could have her puppet regime mass murder ethnic Russian from 2014 onward so she could instigate the current Russian/Ukrainian war like the cum sucking hypocrite she is, is caterwauling about Russia stopping her terrorist organization from Holocausting Ethnic Russians without fighting back.

The evil Khazarian bitch is instigating discussions about stealing the Russian central bank assets frozen by the NATO Crime Cabal

nations to rebuild Ukraine, Cookies Nuland, the Israeli Citizen acting as US Under Secretary of State for Criminal Political Affairs, has said.

When the war she instigated between Kiev and Moscow ends, Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac plans a huge slush program for Ukraine aimed not only at rebuilding its cities, towns, and villages, making all political whores involved super rich, but also at providing the country with a powerful military, “greener” energy infrastructure and stronger government institutions that would be “better hardened against corruption,”

Cookies Nuland said during a Big Lie session at the US-Ukraine Dark Side Minion Partnership Forum in Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac on Thursday.

Of course if Humanity convenes Nuremberg Common Law War Criminal Trials first, all this could change.

The Ole Dog!

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