San Antonio Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp, The Alamo City Guards, to Erect Statue Honoring Tejano Soldiers

San Antonio Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp, The Alamo City Guards is involved with a historical project which should be supported by all San Antonians and Texicans. San Antonio’s chapter of the Sons of Confederate Veterans has commissioned a statue to honor Tejano Confederate soldiers. The Alamo City Guards Camp #1325, mission of the nonprofit, […]

Cookies Nuland the Israeli Citizen Who Used the US State Department To Overthrow Ukrainian Government & Instigate Russian/Ukraine War Tries To Blame Russia For Her War

Cookies Nulled the Israeli citizen who stole five billion dollars from the American workers to hire terrorist and used the US State Department to have the hired terrorist mass murder Ukrainians so she could overthrow the duly elected Ukrainian government so she could have her puppet regime mass murder ethnic Russian from 2014 onward so […]

Dogs Can See Evil In People-Irish president’s pup doesn’t like Biden: BARKS at Joe when he walks over and tries to pet him during Dublin visit

Dogs can see evil in “humans”. A women who worked with Ted Bundy on a crises hot line before his crimes were known said one night she was there alone so took her German Shepard with her. Said all of a sudden the dog growled like she had never heard, turned every hair the wrong […]

The USA/DC Empire Is Dying

The USA/DC Empire is dying, All empires die. It is the USA/DC Empire’s turn to die. The USA/DC empire would die anyway, as all empires throughout human history always follow the same pattern and path from growing by force, to power, to indulgence, complacency, corruption, immorality leading to decay and final fall. But the timing […]