EXCLUSIVE: Bombshell Photos, Video of UN/USA-sponsored Illegal Invader camp at Darien Gap where global migrants assemble for transport to The North American States For Illegal Criminal Invasion

EXCLUSIVE – PREVIEW – This article will be updated mid-day Thursday, April 13th, with the full video and interview with Michael Yon, via Brighteon Broadcast News. What’s shown here right now is only a small preview. Check back and refresh this article mid-day for the full report and video.

Brighteon.com founder Mike Adams interviews war correspondent Michael Yon who is on site at the UN migration camp (San Vicente) at the Darien Gap in Panama, where both the United Nations and the USA are funding mass human migration activities to shuttle migrants from all over the world into the United States.

Migrants moving through this UN camp include people from the Middle East, Europe, Haiti and China, among many South American citizens. As part of the interview, I was able to speak with a Chinese couple (in Mandarin) and confirm their country of origin (mainland China) and their destination (the United States).

If you’re wondering why Chinese nationals are pouring through the Darien Gap in Panama, you’re not alone. Very few Americans are aware of this bombshell story, and Michael Yon is breaking the news to a global audience, via Brighteon.com. (See photos below.)

A massive expansion of the camp is currently under way, helping funnel more migrants across the Darien Gap where they will be transported to the U.S. border to illegally cross into the United States, all with help from the US Dept. of Homeland Security and the Biden administration.


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