US Chicken Hawk Senator Marco Rubio “Warns” Europeans If They Don’t Help Start a War With China, The Europeans May Have To Clean Up the US’s Mess in Ukraine Alone

US Corporation’s

Cowardly Chicken Hawk senator Marco Rubio

Has warned Western Europeans if they don’t help Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac start a war with China, the US will force Europe to clean up USA’s cluster f##k mess in Ukraine alone.

This is the cluster f##k mess caused in 2014 which the USA stole 5 Billion dollars from the struggling American workers to hire Terrorist to indiscriminately murder Ukrainians to blame on the duly elected Ukrainian Government so the USA could overthrow the government, put in place a puppet regime which US set to murdering Ethnic Russians so as to cause the Ukrainian war.

Israel Citizen working for the State Department Cookies Nuland who orqustrated the terrorist attack on Ukrainians to ioverthrow the duly elected government, passing out store bought cookies after the terrorist had shot Ukrainians, which Nuland blamed on the duly elected Ukrainian Government.

If this chicken hawk cowardly conspirator wants to fight China so damn bad, let him pick up an M-16 and go to Taiwan.
I am VERY tired of cowardly ball-less political whores

starting war which they send American kids to die in while the Sodom & Gomorrah political whores rape little children, take bribes and try to crash the American economy to help their Ratschild Master

achieve his wet dream of a world wide Communist Unelected slave plantation administration.

The Ole Dog!

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