And The Sheep go Bhhaaaaaa

The Vatican which claims as their reason for being, Jesus the Christ who said execute a pedophile, has a two thousand history of prolific non stop child rape. And The Sheep go Bhhaaaaaa Washington DC stole 5 Billion dollars from the struggling American worker, hired terrorist to mass murder Ukrainians so DC could overthrow the […]

A Star Traveler

From the other side of the stars I hear the thunder roll- Brings flashes of past lives to jolt my eternal soul- I look in the mirror and deep in my eyes I see- A battered galactic sailor looking for a safe horbour’s lee- The battles fought to keep my soul on the straight and […]

US Chicken Hawk Senator Marco Rubio “Warns” Europeans If They Don’t Help Start a War With China, The Europeans May Have To Clean Up the US’s Mess in Ukraine Alone

US Corporation’s Cowardly Chicken Hawk senator Marco Rubio Has warned Western Europeans if they don’t help Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac start a war with China, the US will force Europe to clean up USA’s cluster f##k mess in Ukraine alone. This is the cluster f##k mess caused in 2014 which the USA stole […]