Advice For Old Souls In Troubled Times

Every old soul I Talk to have given up on the sheep.
Beings that for many lives put their asses on the line, and many paid the price from time to time, trying to fight wars, write laws, build governments and countries to benefit the sheep.

This life they just stood back, did the minimum to get through this life.
They refused to engage.
They allowed the jackals to take the positions in government, the military, in the halls of higher education.

They are tired of taking it up the ass from the sheep and the jackals the sheep love.

They have tried to help the sheep life after life and been paid off being cussed, betrayed, slandered.

Old souls take comfort.
This life we are in is just one of many school classes.
There are lower level classes we have already worked through.
There are higher level classes we will obtain when the time and our learning warrants advancement to another level.

We, the old souls are here as teachers for the sheep.
But the school is about us.

The sheep are bit players, movie extras, Walmart people.
They must be here to make the movie look right, they are background actors.

As payment for their bit parts they are given the opportunity to become advanced spiritual beings, move up the food chain a bit.
Few of them take advantage of the offer, preferring instead to wallow in their lust, evil, selfishness, undeserved self righteousness, their “god” complex.

Don’t be discouraged, the sheep in this class, this dimension will spend countless more lives wallowing in the shit world they love.

Not so the God loving old souls.

Each school class has a start and an end date.
This class is heading for the final exam.
Those old souls who have stayed the course, have kept the faith, who have not turned their backs on God, who have examined their past lives life after life, taking lessons from their failures, striving to not make the same mistakes again, will advance to another higher dimension, the next level school class.

And these sheep?
They will receive new teachers, new old souls who move up from the class just below this one.

While we take what we have leaned here, apply it to the next higher level class, the sheep who we shake our heads at, cuss, wonder why they can not see the truth staring them in the face, the true path to God, will remain in this present dimension and continue to be oppressed by the minions of the Dark Side, old souls who lost their way, turned their backs on God.

Take heart.
Just a while longer and we will say goodbye to these ignorant primitive souls who have been such a pain in the ass to us.

In the next class we will start at the bottom again, new lessons, new problems, but with a bit high-level sheep.
Those sheep who have been able to learn, have advanced up the ladder.

These postings are like military training for young officers.
A young officer is given shit commands, screw up soldiers.
He learns from his mistakes, he learns what works and what does not.

When he has learned all he can from the real f##k ups, he will be given a bit higher command, with better troops, more maturity and responsibility.

It is just school, just training.
Thank God for the Love, the help, the strength given in the times when you suffered the most at the hands of the sheep.

Onward, upward.

Just a bit longer.
Keep the faith.
Stay the course.
I’ll see you on the other side where we shall drink mead, eat meat and train for that next “final” battle!

God is great.
God is good.
God is love.

Pity the jackals and the sheep who will be forced to take this class again.

Look forward, look upward.
Never look back except for lessons learned!

The Ole Dog!

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