US Ready For War With China-U.S. Congresscritter

US Congress would approve troop deployment to Taiwan should China attack the island, Representative Michael McCaul said. There are 535 Congresscritters in the US Corporation’s congressional 3 ring circus. That equates to a mid strength battalion. I figure if spouses and children of congress critters are included there should be no problem staffing a full […]

The “COVID-19” “Vaccines” are Non Vaccine Chemical/Biological Euthanasia Killer Jabs MEANT to Mass Murder Humans, And They Are Working Well For Their Intended Purpose

The Jabs ARE MEANT to Mass Murder the sheep. That’s what they were designed to do. There is No “COVID-19” illness not injected with a syringe except the people getting sick being around injected sheep who are Spike Protein factories who exhale their illness in every breath and shed it with every skin flake. And […]