Xi Pledges Active Negotiation Role After Macron Urges Him “Bring Russia To Its Senses” Tell Putin I am The “man” For Him, I Love Him Long TIME

It is Rumored Fidel Castro’s pansy son leaked the story out of spite of not being included in the gay sexcapades.

Ahh the heartbreak of unrequited lust!

But what will the Ratschild’s little gay boy toy do about the old young boy molesting tranny he is “married to?

Perversion and Lust at an international level!

And what if the Obombister


also has a gay crush on the Putinister?

Perhaps Macaroni and the Obomister can get their trannies paired up leaving Macaroni, the Obombister and the Putinister

free for a MÉNAGE À TROIS.

And if Macaroni’s and the Ombobister’s trannies need a third gay caballero for a MÉNAGE À TROI I hear mr. I did 9-11

is at loose ends now days.

Get your own tranny BadBush, this one’s mine!

But what if New Zealand’s former PM wants some of the action?

And what if the head Ratschild gets jealous?

And they better not try to include the Trickster Trumpster

or Nitwityahoo may use Israelis illegal nukes.


Plus it has been in all the news venues for months that the little queer comedian from Ukraine

And the red Russian Khazarian Putinister were involved in an affair where they were taking turns using projectiles on each other.

And WHERE DOES Xi fit into all of this???


Wars have been started over less than this.
This could be the catalyst for World War 3!

Look at Troy!

And that was over just two real men wanting the sexual favors of just one real woman!

The Ole Dog!

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