White House Review Blames Botched Afghan Withdrawal Entirely On Trump

Allow the Ole Dog! to wave his staff over the Red Sea of yellow journalism and part it so the truth can be seen.

Israel and USA/DC did 9-11.

Afghanistan did not have jack shit to do with the False Flag cowardly attack on New York which Holocausted 3,000 Americans in one day.

Every swinging dick and slimy cunt in DC knew this.

The Invasion of Afghanistan was a war crime by the DC/UUSA Corporation based on lies they knew were lies because they made the lies up themselves.

Plus if America had not replaced real warriors

with dick sucking yes men in uniform with unearned stars on their theatrical jackets, the little child raping political whores in Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac would have been told Afghanistan is called THE GRAVEYARD OF EMPIRES

for a damned good historical reason.

The Ball-Less yes boys who are sent to “military” academies to become “officers” think, these people will do so and so because I would do so and so.

No Bubba!

You are a spoiled privalidged perfumed prince in a theatrical prop uniform.

The Afghans have been fighting invaders and just to survive for thousands of years.
You can take Kabul.
You can place a puppet government in Kabul.
But a man who has to lead a donkey with his pregnant wife on it’s back for three days to get her to see a doctor, don’t give a shit who is in Kabul.

His loyalty is to his local war lord who keeps other war lord troops from raping and murdering his mother, his sisters, his wife, his children.
His loyalty and fighting belong to that local war lord who makes sure his family gets something to eat so they don’t starve.

And switching sides overnight if another war lord pays more or becomes stronger than the one he fought for today, holds no dishonor in Afghanistan society.
It is survival.
It is just good business in a harsh hard land.

USA/DC had lost the fight before the first troops finished off loading the first planes, and ships to invade.
Which invasion was a war crime based on lies don’t forget.

Now, the ones responsible for the defeat in Afghanistan are the ball-less American people who have ALLOWED THE CHILD RAPING TREASONOUS POLITICAL PROSTITUTES IN SODOM AND GOMORRAH ON THE POTOMAC TO RUN AMUCK!

Want to see who is responsible for the very f##ked up debacle of Afghanistan?
Look in a mirror Mr. And Mrs voting for war criminals America!

The Ole Dog!

Curiously just within a couple weeks after former President Trump kicked off his 2024 campaign by blasting the Biden administration’s botched and disastrous Afghan withdrawal, the Biden White House has released a report blaming it all on the prior Trump administration.

Despite Biden as commander-in-chief and his appointed officials being at the helm making every decision during the August 2021 withdrawal which saw the deaths of 13 US service members by a suicide bomber, the report puts it all on Trump.

The official administration review spells out that “President Biden’s choices for how to execute a withdrawal from Afghanistan were severely constrained by conditions created by his predecessor.” In both the report and a press conference by NSC spokesman John Kirby, the administration is basically not owning up to a thing…


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