Take The Lessons Learned and Leave the Sheep humans to Their World of S#it

My first life in America I had high hopes for a new land, for a people who were leaving the evil of Europe behind.
But they snuck the evil of Europe on board the leaky wooden ships they traveled to America on.

I went to war against the British to give Americans a chance at self determination.
Some of the “Americans tried to kill me, many cussed me.

My second life in America, I was troubled by the direction the country was going.
But I thought it was just just few rotten eggs which if they were squashed, would do away with the problems and put America back on the path to greatness.

But I died in that war, and the rotten eggs lived on.

My third life in America I gave everything I had trying to make America Great again.
In the end after some military actions and two world wars America should never have been involved with, I discovered America did not want to be great, America wanted to be evil.

This life I stepped back from the officer core, refused to even set foot in Washington DC.

I refused to play the game.
When West Point was offered, I passed it up.

I knew I could get filthy rich as a lawyer, but could not bring myself to turn evil child rapers, women rapers, murderers and thieves back loose on society for money.

Having all the right bloodlines on both sides of my family, I could not bring myself to go into politics which I understand better than most people in America.

I studied theology and tried to do my civic duty through the churches, but found them full of hypocrites and self righteous evil souls.

I did my military enlisted, and when I came back from my war this life, I had seen too much evil done in the name of the American people who cheered as God’s little children were blown to bits based on lies.

I got on my knees and begged God for understanding and wisdom so I could know why the evil was so prevalent, and goodness so hard to find.

I now understand America was never great, and the American people are not evil from ignorance, but by choice as their souls are evil, they lust after evil, evil is their food and drink.

Thousands of lives ago, I had great faith the human race would achieve greatness as spiritual advanced beings if they only had the knowledge to understand the path to God.

I have no more faith in humanity, life after life they piss in the face of God, help murder God’s messengers of truth.
The human sheep do not want to pay the price required to become advanced spiritual beings on the path to the Glory of the brilliance of God’s love and Light.

The sheep want the easy path, a short cut, someone else doing the hard work, doing the fighting and dying while they wallow in their lust and evil.

They want to be able to drop a hundred dollar bill in the Sunday morning offering plate, “buy” forgiveness for last weeks evil they did, and start on this weeks evil as soon as they leave church at noon.
They will return hypocritically next Sunday, sing Holy-Holy-Holy very loud, drop another bribe to God in the plate and get on with their evil again, for that week.

I long for the extinction of the human sheep monkeys so the curtain on this misbegotten stage can be drawn, this act can be over.

There are only a handful of souls I hope to see on the next stage, with the replacement species, in the next dimension.

Several of those are my favorite dog friends I have traveled time on this rock with.

Humanity has been a waste of resources and time except for the lessons learned.

Any good military warrior knows after the battle, after the war comes the meetings to dig the lessons learned from the conflict, so they can be understood so the same mistakes are not made again, so the things which worked well can be used in the future.

It is time for the old souls to pull the lessons learned from the pitiful failure which is the train wreck of humanity.

Put the sadness aside at the misery, the damnation the humans have brought upon themselves.
It is what they wanted, what they desired, what they dreamed of.

A world of shit.
They worked very hard to make it so.
It would not be fair to deny them the world of shit they have spent so much time and effort crafting.

Take your lessons learned and hope the next species have better souls.

The Ole Dog!

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