Hang Em High God Said, Let Em S#it Their Pants As Their Necks Snap

‘Hang Em High God Said, Let Em S#it Their Pants As Their Necks Snap’

Oh God I said in earnest meditation-
What can mankind do about this situation?

Evil soul-less Zionist Zombies run amuck-
Killer Jabbers screaming eat the bugs and just shut the F##K up-

Treasonous Ratschild’s child rapers as heads of state-
Doing every thing they can to grow perversion and hate-

Males with dicks wearing dresses and claiming womanhood-
Women with viginas wanting to be men murdering children because the children are good-

Hospitals murdering people for government grants-
Doctors pissed people will not take assisted suicide jabs going on rabid rants-

Evil minions laying wait on every corner and turn-
Oh God why does mankind from your prophets the true path not learn?

These evil Killer Jabber Tranny child raping dark side minions making war on humanity-
Oh God what can decent God loving humans do about such mass insanity?

What is the answer, oh God give to humanity a defense map!
Hand em high God said, let em shit their pants as their necks snap!

The Ole Dog!

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