The First Slaves In European America Were Indigenous Indians Enslaved By The Vatican, The Second Were The Irish

In San Antonio Occupied Republic of Texas, a big tourist attraction are the Catholic “missions” built with the blood of native peoples enslaved by force by the Vatican. No one wants to talk about the fact these attractive stone structures are seeped in the shed blood of uncountable numbers of slain Indian slaves. The next […]

Rothschilds War Criminal Private Fiefdom In Occupied Palestine Called Israhell Holocaust Two More Syrians

The Rothschilds who ordered England to steal Palestine for the evil pedophilic mass murdering thieving degenerate trashy offspring of demonic aliens Using the useful fools and idiot Non Semitic Turkmen Mongolian mongrel Khazarians who’s ancestors were never in the Middle East Who are Soul-less Zionist Zombie Virus Host who LOVE to HOLOCAUST humans To murder […]

History: Hitler was Financed by the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England US Investments in Nazi Germany. Rockefeller Financed Adolf Hitler’s Election Campaign

The politically correct “history” of both World War One and World War Two are unadulterated pig shit. Hitler was either a control freak who was much more impressed with his military knowledge and ability than I am or he purposely made sure Germany lost the war. I have never believed he committed suicide in Berlin […]