Shove Your AI “content writers” Up Your A$$

I keep getting idiots send me emails through this web site wanting to sell me programs to “write” articles for my blog.

Well Skippy, you can shove your AI up your ass.

I carry the DNA of some of histories best bull shitters!
Take my great-great type grandfather Julius Caesar.
Man knew how to sling shit like no one in history.

I am descended from makers of Roman Catholic saints.
My great-great grandfather type Henry the 2nd having had a bit too much to drink berated his knights for not killing Thomas Becket who Henry had got a gig as archbishop of Canterbury who then turned on Henry.

One of my other Great-great grandfather types Hugh the Assassin got on his horse, went down an slaughtered the ungrateful cur on his own alter.

Becket was made a Saint instead of going down as just another drunk and corrupt churchman.

Another of my great-great grandfather types, Ragnar made the fags of France and the sheep of merry ole live in fear.

‘Ode To Ragnar’

I have stood on the fore of the ship with sword upraised in hand
Until the Dragon bit the beach of many a foreign land

Led men screaming towards city, village and town
Sacked churches, laid many a captive maiden down

Drank mead with my men, while the slain lay in silent death
laughing at their women’s wailing breath

Made the French King run, like a little lass
Sanctuary in a women’s convent, to seek for his ass

They cursed me in merry ole England, and civilized France
As on their graves, I did merrily dance

Shipwrecked, I fought with my back to the sea
Until I was captured by King Aelle

In the snakepit dying, I cursed him to his face
Sang my death song, told him my sons would sack his race

Neither of us knew our descendants blood would become one beast
Giving birth to a race of Warrior Poet Kings and “Pagan” Priest

The Ole Dog!

Would not be any real men with balls in France until my great-great grandfather Rollo the Walker took Normandy from the ball-less French and no men with balls in Merry Ole until my great-great grandfather type William the Bastard kicked the English’s asses at the Battle of Hastings with the help of my Carleton ancestor, Baldwin.

Unfortunately for the Limeys most of the men with balls emigrated to America (not speaking of the Crowellian “puritan” ball-less yankee scum here) but we did leave one or two over there like my cousin General Sir Guy Carleton who stoped the Americans from taking Canada as well.

Course he along with his Viking heritage had a good bit of Irish in him.

My great-great grandfather type Edward the 1st frightened the archbishop of York to death on the spot when the dumb ass had the bad judgement to try to give Edward lip in his own kingdom.

My second cousin George Washington with help from two of my 3ed great grandfathers and two of my 4th great grandfathers kicked the limeys asses in the American revolution.

A 2nd great grandfather was at the Battle of New Orleans with my cousin Andrew Jackson and they kicked the limy’s asses all over again.

In the late war yankee war crime invasion and gang rapes of children, pregnant women, minister’s daughters and the acasional farm animal to death by US “soldiers”, my great grandfather and three 2nd great grandfathers shot yankees.
So did my cousins Gen. Robert E Lee, Gen. Stonewall Jackson and Gen. Richard Taylor, the son of US president Zachary Taylor.

My grandfather was in France during WW1.
During WW2 my cousin Gen. George s Patton kicked everyone’s ass until the USA murdered him for standing up for America against the Rothschild’s red Russian Communist agents in the White House, congress and military.

All the red Russian Communist political whores in DC and the treasonous political whores in uniform like the No Combat Coward Ike said Patton was crazy, but everything he said and predicted would happen, has.

Who was full of shit Skippy?

Had a cousin at Pearl harbor who got a medal for shooting down a Japanese Zero.
Many other uncles and cousins in both WW1 & WW 2.

Had a brother in the Korean War, a brother in the Viet Nam war, and I took my turn in one of the big kitty litter sand box wars.

When I took my university entrance exam I scored in the top 97% of the whole damn country plus territories in Military matters, real economics, Law. Government and history.

That yankee spelling, mixing the alphabet with numbers knocked my score down a tad.

The local congressman called my father and offered West Point but I knew I was too good a military man to be associating with the yes men dick suckers at West Point, so I did mine enlisted.

I know more about real history than most tenured professors and when I went to university to study theology, they gave me both US history classes without taking them.

I understand politics better then the whores in Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac.

I was telling folks while I was still in high school if the whores in DC did not stop borrowing and spending like a drunken sailor in a titty bar with a handful of credit cards, in the end the middle class would be destroyed, inflation would wipe out all savings and the whores of DC

would either have to default of their debts or pay back in hyper inflated “dollars” which would again, wipe out the middle class and bring the country to ruin.

Folks decided I was crazy as the whores in Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac (DC) promised them the borrow and spend road went on forever, and the “free” shit party never ends.

Well, look around at the oppressive communistic

3ed world eaten up with Usury debt shit hole America has become!
Who’s your daddy?
Who was right?

I can trace my lines to mythical beings who interbred with human women.

Great-great uncle type Richard the Lion used to make fun of the ignorance of the sheep by laughingly saying, “From the devil we came and to the devil we shall return”.

Now, do I seem like I need help finding things to write about using computer programs put together by sheep who would not make a pimple on my ass in comparison with my DNA, ancestry and knowledge base?

Might want to peddle them AI programs to the little children raping blackmailed political prostitutes in DC and the Pentagon because from the shit they are trying to pedal it is very evident they are eaten up with the dumb ass and could really use some help making up lies that are at least half assed believable.

The Ole Dog!

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