Illegal War Crime US Occupation Forces in Syria are not “Fighting Terrorism”

Despite the massive earthquake that devasted parts of Syria and Turkey, the US and its allies continue their war against the Syrian government. US troops still illegally occupy northeastern Syria since the war began on March 2011 to remove its President, Bashar al-Assad and destabilize the country to effectively balkanize the secular state on behalf of Israel’s

expansionist agenda. It all began in 2010 during the Arab Spring when anti-government protests had spread across most of the Arab world which led to protests in Syria and that’s when Washington’s war planners decided to add fuel to the fire and arm terrorists to further destabilize and ultimately destroy the Syrian government.

At the start of the civil war, one of the very few media organizations that reported on pro-Assad demonstrations was Al-Jazeera who could not deny that Assad had popular support, the report ‘Thousands rally in support of Syria’s Assad’ said that

“tens of thousands of Syrians have rallied in central Damascus in show of support for President Bashar al-Assad, who is battling a six-month uprising against his rule in which the UN says about 2,900 people have been killed.”

Al Jazeera’s report said that the Syrian people do support Assad “America, out, out,

Syria will stay free” chanted the crowd on Wednesday, many of them carrying pictures of Assad and Syrian flags.”

Nir Rosen, a journalist and author told Al Jazeera that “We might not like to think that but authoritarian regimes sometimes have popular support.” Syria has the most popular support than most governments in the Middle East “In the whole of the Arab countries, certainly the Syrian regime has the largest base of popular support and much of the country still supports him [Assad], he continued “Not only Alawite and the Christian community, but even Sunni Bourgeoisie in Damascus and Aleppo support President Assad.”There is an important fact that the mainstream media barely mentions, and that is Syria is an independent secular state that has diverse ethnic groups including Syrian Arabs, Kurds, Armenians, Turkmens, and religious groups that includes Christians, Muslims, Alawites (Asma al-Assad, wife of Bashar al-Assad is a Syrian Alawite from Latakia), Druze and Yazidis. On the international stage, Syria has the full support of Russia, China, Iran, and many countries from the Global South.

However, Syria is not a perfect society, there are human rights issues and since 2006, Syria has developed extreme social problems due to the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF)

recommendations for privatization, austerity measures, the deregulation of the financial system and a freeze in wages which has angered the population, but Assad still has popular support regardless of the situation.

The US

Is Not Interested in Fighting Terrorists, They Are Stealing Syria’s Natural Resources

As the war continued, the governments of the US, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey along with their European partners took advantage of the situation and decided to arm and fund various terrorists groups including ISIS

and Al Nusra (the Syrian equivalent of Al-Qaeda) from war torn countries such as Iraq, Libya and elsewhere, they even recruited a number of British and Canadian citizens who were radicalized thus began their assault on the Syrian government and its civilians. In fact, Wikileaks exposed the national security advisor, Jake Sullivan who sent an email to Hillary Clinton

who was the Secretary of State under Obama

at the time wrote “AQ is on our side in Syria”, AQ obviously meant Al Qaeda. These developments began with the Obama regime and continued under former US presidents, Donald Trump

(who authorized the plunder of Syrian oil in 2019) and Joe Biden

which is basically Obama’s third term.


-backed propaganda organization, the Voice of America (VOA) recently published ‘US Says It Will Not Back Off Syria Mission Despite Deadly Attacks’ reported that “The United States will not back away from its nearly eight-year [ILLEGAL WAR CRIME] deployment to Syria,


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