Killer Jabs For Tax-Killer Jabs have caused a surge in IRS estate tax revenues as fully Non vaccine Killer Jabbed For Non Existent Virus Kills Stupid wealthy people

An unknown billionaire with a fortune of up to $35 billion died from [THE NON EXISTANT] Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) [KILLER JAB NON VACCINE FOR ANON EXISTANT VIRUS] “vaccination”, but nobody noticed until a $7 billion estate tax payment was made to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The Treasury Department says it received the $7 billion […]

Evil Perverted “doctor” Should Be Tried, Convected and Hanged for Lusting After Mutilation of God’s Little Children-Hell Ain’t Half Full

An EVIL perverted God and Nature hating piece of shit, the director of Boston Children’s Hospital’s gender surgery department” is cheerleading other institutions to increase their mutilation of children with underage “gender surgeries” CHILD MUTILATIONS. Pushing his perversion and evil in the Journal of American Medicine, Dr. Oren Ganor predicted that “physicians” who do CHILD […]

Illegal War Crime US Occupation Forces in Syria are not “Fighting Terrorism”

Despite the massive earthquake that devasted parts of Syria and Turkey, the US and its allies continue their war against the Syrian government. US troops still illegally occupy northeastern Syria since the war began on March 2011 to remove its President, Bashar al-Assad and destabilize the country to effectively balkanize the secular state on behalf […]