The Cops Work for ZioCorp – Not You

I recall listening to a man who explained he contracted to screen candidates applying for police forces.
He weeded out those not below average intelligence as police forces don’t want intelligent people working as cops.

The want people just smart enough to be able to bust heads and give out revenue collecting citations, but not smart enough to figure out just how corrupt the whole stinking system is, and that they themselves are the criminals preying on the general public for the benefit of a handful of rich evil ass holes.

There was a case in New York where for some reason a really intelligent person decided they wanted to be a cop, and was turned down because he was not dumb enough.
He took it to the New York Supreme Court who upheld the decision not to hire him because he was not dumb enough.

I listened to a man who had been a prison guard on Alcatraz.
He said in the old days the people in prison were rapist, murderers, kidnapers armed robbers and such.
He said they knew they belonged in prison.
They might kill a guard trying to escape but other than that, the prisons were fairly orderly.

When the prisons became shit holes where prisoners were raped and murdered by other prisoners he said happened after the “government” using law enFORCEment and the corrupt “legal system” to fill the for profit prisons with people such as someone caught with a little grass.

He said these people knew they had done nothing to be locked up like animals, so many in their anger against an unjust system, became animals.

In this article he touches on the difference of a peace officer and a law enFORCEment cop.
Years back after talk radio had been bought up by the corporations raping America, in this city the cops had murdered someone, beat someone up or some such thing and it was on talk radio.

I called in and explained if we still had peace officers and not law enFORCEment goons this would not have happened.

They could not cut my ass off fast enough.

He also touches on what law enFORCEment does violates the constitution.
The constitution has been meaningless, only used for window dressing since 1861.

If the constitution had been able to stop out of control government goons raping, robbing, mass murdering civilians, the closet homosexual atheist Marxist yankee rail road lawyers USA Army troops would not have lined up to gang rape little children, their pregnant mothers, minister’s daughters, often to death.

They would not have been allowed to steal everything they could lay their hands on including digging up the dead to rob, Burn grandpa & grandma’s to death in their own homes, Holocaust whole cities filled with non combatants by shelling with siege guns, or purposely setting whole cities on fire, destroying the food supply so children, women and old men starved to death by the tens of thousands.

If the constitution meant anything and could stop the abuse of “government” against the people, Lincoln

and his “witch” burning communistic yankee criminals would not have been allowed to “arrest” whole state governments, arbitrarily replace them with his goons, burn the homes, gang rape the women, mass murder large portions of whole states because he feared they might not go along with his war crimes, as well as throw newspaper men into prison for the duration of the war without legal recourse, steal their newspapers and give them to his criminal buddies who supported him, because the newspaper man told the truth of Lincoln and his goons crimes.

What the constitution “means” on any given day, is whatever it needs to “say” to “legalize” “government’s” crimes against humanity and the American people on that day.

If the next day it needs to “mean” the exact opposite of what it “meant” yesterday to cover that day’s crimes against humanity and the American people, it will.

And those idiots who have orgasms while moaning ‘WE BACK THE BLUE”

while talking about the goons dressed in black war time combat gear who beat and dragged Americans off to jail for not taking a Killer Jab, wearing a useless dust mask which violated their “constitutional rights”, or got the hell beat out of them by law enFORCEment for ignoring “constitution violating” Communistic penal code lockdowns

Because of a made up SCAMDEMIC

213 health/science institutions worldwide all failed to cite even 1 record of “SARS-COV-2” purification, by anyone, anywhere, ever

are suffering from Stockholm’s Syndrome:

Stockholm Syndrome:

Stockholm syndrome is a coping mechanism to a captive or abusive situation. People develop positive feelings toward their captors or abusers over time. This condition applies to situations including child abuse, coach-athlete abuse, relationship abuse and sex trafficking. Treatment includes psychotherapy (“talk therapy”) and medications if needed.

America is a shit hole of evil and oppression BECAUSE of the policies of those in Washington DC and the State Houses.

Shit America is a finely tuned project “government” has been working on for 161 years in America.

Those who made America a shit hole of poverty and oppression certainly are not going to try, nor are they qualified to fix what they F##ked up!

Got to get rid of the evil keeping this going and start over.
You don’t do that by loving your oppressors.

The Ole Dog!

‘The Cops Work for ZioCorp – Not You’

I laugh when during a citizen-police altercation, the citizen says, “You work for me. My taxes pay your salary.” Ha ha ha. By that logic, since your taxes help fund the MIC, you get a say in which country gets invaded, or doesn’t. Or politicians represent your interests because they draw their “official” salaries from the public till.

You may directly or indirectly fund cop salaries, but Wall Street cuts their checks and manages their pensions. The police work for ZioCorp—not you.

I’m not anti-police per se. Sometimes cops apprehend dangerous low-level (non-ruling class) criminals. In a tight situation, a cop could save your ass. However, that’s not their primary function.

Police help maintain order. In the US, “order” means remaining docile while ravenous oligarchs loot the system. As oligarchs grow richer the general public becomes poorer. Poverty breeds crime. A society ruled by criminals needs lots of cops.

The US military plays global cop for multinational corporations and international finance. As domestic police forces fall more in line with ZioCorp’s agenda, they increasingly resemble dystopian stormtroopers on patrol in Baghdad’s Green Zone.

The financial, psychological, and spiritual blowback of endless war brought home the war machine—a part of that being a militarized police force.

The police response to the 2012 “Occupy Wall Street” protests demonstrates law enforcement’s loyalty to ZioCorp. Wall Street’s egregious acts of fraud and theft initiated the 2008 economic crisis. Instead of prosecuting the bankers, politicians gave them a 29 trillion dollar bailout.* (*CNBC Money).

Protesters setting up camp in New York’s Zuccotti Park seems like a pretty mild response to one of the largest treasury thefts in history. Regardless, once Zionist oligarch mayor Michael Bloomberg gave the order to clear out the park, the cops came in like it was Yankee Stadium nightstick batting practice.

While Jan 6 was a Deep State operation, the lo-info suckers who were led into the Capitol Building were true believers. That they believed a silver-spoon reality TV star with a history of burning his investors would save them further proves that the US is the mecca of simulacra and simulation.

After Trump abandoned his fans, “law enforcement” hunted down the “trespassers” and turned them over to the “criminal justice system” for “processing.”

Police lap-dogging to power is universal. To enforce IMF neoliberal austerity policies, former Rothschild banker Emanuel Macron released his police hounds on Yellow Vest protesters. Scores were arrested. Many were killed or maimed. Some French cops picked up the habit of firing tear gas canisters into the faces of protesters at close range, resulting in permanent blindness.

As per Davos decree, Australian politicians imposed draconian covid lockdown rules. Antipodean police chased down and arrested people who walked maskless in parks, despite those individuals being nowhere near another person. In true state automaton fashion, Aussie cops dragged vax skeptics into covid concentration camps.

In Holland, police used their truncheons on Dutch farmers who protested the Gates-Monsanto (Bayer) agribusiness takeover.

Under orders from WEF “young global leader” alum Justin Trudeau, Canadian police beat up Trucker Convoy protesters and seized their vehicles.

When the globalists unleash the next false flag, the police will enforce whatever tyrannical dictates accompany it. A “new and improved” bioweapon release followed by compulsory mRNA jabs requires a “loyal” police force to kick in doors and drag refuseniks to mass vaccination centers.


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