If not for yankee disarmament “laws”, people would not fear getting murdered by cop or being thrown in prison for exercising the GOD GIVEN RIGHT OF SELF DEFENSE.

In Switzerland where every able bodied male is required to keep a select fire Full Auto/Semi-Auto REAL assault weapon, ammo for it and be proficient with it, in their home at all times, the crime rate is very low as smart want to be killers/criminals understand if they try to start some shit, they will get their asses shot off forthwith and right F##king then and there.

And remember the same political whores who want to take Americans rights of self defense away to “save the children”, want to force parents to Killer Jab their children and many are known to rape children.

The Ole Dog!


The horror of today’s mass shooting at a Christian school in Tennessee by a transgender weirdo has thrown a major wrench into the woke state’s agenda with respect to gun control and transgender rights. For those living in a cave, here are the critical details.

A 28 year old woman, Audrey Hale, showed up at her former elementary school with two long guns and a semi-automatic pistol and killed three children and three adult staff members before police ended her life with gunfire. Turns out that Audrey Hale thinks she is a man. Yes, Audrey is a transgender monster.

If Audrey had attended the recent Trump rally in Waco and was wearing a scarlet MAGA cap, you can bet your last dollar that the media and the pundits would be screaming for Trump’s blood and demanding that all Trump supporters be treated as terrorists. (Come to think of it, the woke left is doing exactlly that.)

The cretins at the Biden White House did not waste a minute in trying to gin up a lynch mob by insisting this mass killing was the fault of Republicans.

“While we don’t know yet all of the details in this latest tragic shooting, we know that too often our schools and communities are being devastated by gun violence,” White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said in her daily briefing. “Schools should be safe spaces for kids to grow and learn and for our educators to teach.

“How many more children have to be murdered before Republicans in Congress will step up and act to pass the assault weapons ban, to close loopholes in our background check system or to require the safe storage of guns,” she added. “We need to do something.”
But that narrative was derailed abruptly with the news that the killer was a transgender activist. If you want to use the White House logic then, in light of the political and sexual identity of the culprit, we must ban all transgender people and their supporters from buying guns. See, logic can be fun.

The media in the United States is still in cover up mode. They are toning down the reporting on this story and giving short shrift to the glaring fact that the killer was a woman who, seized with delusional, believed she was a dude.


Pendulum Politics — Did Transgender Tennessee Murderer Mark the End of Transgender Euphoria?

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