“The 20th anniversary of the U.S.-British war on Iraq, which was also supported by NATO partners, should be an occasion for proper accounting with Nuremberg-standard war crimes prosecutions of American and British political and military figures.

Persons such as George W Bush, the former U.S. President, and Tony Blair, the ex-British premier, should be facing jail time for capital crimes.

The current U.S. President Joe Biden should also be in the dock since his role as a senior Senator at the time was crucial in enabling the war.

Also up for indictment are several Western media outlets such as the New York Times and Washington Post which promulgated the lies that made the case for war.”


Iraq War 20 Years On… Collective Western Amnesia Over Anglo-American Crime of Century

I disagree with the above quote on the punishment required.
Jail time my ass!

The millions of humans murdered by the actions of political whores, Talking Head 30 shekel Main Stream “Media” whores, are DAMN WELL DEAD!

Why should those who murdered them based on lies the evil sons of bitches and slimy cunts made up themselves waste good air by breathing???

Mass Murder is a hanging offense!!!

Just because these evil ass hole dark side minions waved a flag while Holocausting millions and looting their countries is supposed to excuse them from justice?

Hell, pirates waved the Jolly Roger

while murdering and looting and their asses were hanged every time one was caught!

Yet evil lying sacks of pig shit mass murdering war criminals in America, Merry Ole and other War Criminal countries belonging to the Mass Murder & Loot organization NATO

walk around freely, eating the best cuts of beef, raping children, flying around in pollution spewing private jets,

being cheered by crowds of sheeple

who are damn well as guilty as they are either from black souls or complete stupidity.

Do you Americans think it is an accident America has become a 3ed world oppressive shit hole?

Galatians 6:7
7 “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap”.

What goes around comes around!

The birds of Karma always come home to roost!

For many generations Americans have pissed in the face of the Creator God while serving the Dark Side.
They have waved the flag, pledged allegiance to an evil “government” which like a pirate, has funded their decadent lavish life style by murder and theft.

And the American people have screamed in ecstasy, having sexual orgasms as God’s little children all over the world were blown to bits.

Preachers and priest talk on Sundays to hypocrites with God’s little children’s blood on their hands about the Books of Judgement on the other side.

They are not books of justice, they are BOOKS OF BALANCE.

Every evil done by a soul, must come back to the one who does the evil.
That soul must then have the evil done to them, this life, the other side, the next life, and evil done can not be escaped by throwing a hundred dollar bill in the collection plate and hypocritically saying “FORGIVE ME JEEESSSSUUUUSSSS!”.

It is the same with Nations.
The Nation which does evil to others, must have that evil come home.
Look around at America.
It is a 3ed world oppressive shit hole and the Birds of Karma are just getting started.

You evil sheeple and your whored out political prostitutes serving evil dark Side Usury Bankers spent generations having orgasms wallowing in the blood of innocents, you can not escape the payback.

The longer until you cover yourself with sackcloth and ashes, the longer till you get on your bellies hiding your evil sorry faces from a Just God and BEG for forgiveness which means get the payback over with, the more evil you are piling up for your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren!

The Ole Dog!

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