US CORPORATION Illegally Occupying Syria, Holocausting Syrians While Stealing Syria’s OIL Is Prepared to Use Illegal War Crime Force to Protect its War Crime Criminals Illegally Occupying Syria the US CORPORATION’s “president” has said

US [CORPORATION] President Joe [hands all over little girls] Biden has commented on [ILLEGAL WAR CRIME] airstrikes carried out by the US [ILLEGAL OCCUPATION WAR CRIMINALS] in Syria in response to a deadly drone attack on a [ILLEGAL] coalition [OCCUPATION] base, which Washington blamed on Iranian [IRAN IS LEGALLY IN SYRIA, INVITED BY THE DULY ELECTED SYRIAN GOVERNMENT]-linked militias. He warned Tehran that there will be retribution for incidents [CARRIED OUT BY LEGAL FREEDOM FIGHTERS OPPOSING US’s ILLEGAL OCCUPATION] such as this.

“To make no mistake, the United States [UNITED STATES FOR PROFIT WAR CRIMINAL CORPORATION ILLEGALLY OCCUPYING SYRIA WHILE HOLOCAUSTING SYRIANS & STEALING SYRIA’s OIL] does not – does not, emphasize – seek conflict with Iran.

Look how closely those Iranians put their country to USA/DC Military Bases! Trying to start trouble, those Iranians! How Dare They?

But be prepared for us to act [ILLEGALLY IN WAR CRIMES AND] forcefully to protect our [ILLEGALLY IN SYRIA WAR CRIMINAL] people. That’s exactly what happened last night,” Biden said at a joint press conference with Canadian Prime Minister Justin [Castro] Trudeau

in Ottawa on Friday.

One US contractor [illegally in Syria] was killed, and five American troops [DOING WAR CRIMES ILLEGALY IN SYRIA] and a contractor were wounded after a [FREEDOM FIGHTER] kamikaze drone struck a [ILLEGAL WAR CRIMINAL OCCUPATION] US-led coalition base near the town of Hasakah in northeastern Syria [WHERE THE US AND THEIR WAR CRIMINAL ILLEGALLY OCCUPYING MERCENARY WAR CRIMINALS WERE ILLEGALLY] around midday on Thursday, the Department of Defense said earlier, adding that the UAV was found to have been of Iranian [IRAN IS A LEGAL ALLY OF SYRIA HELPING SYRIA TRY TO FORCE US ILLEGAL TERRORIST TROOPS AND THE ISIS TERRORIST US IS AIDING OUT OF SYRIA] origin.


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