West Point Produces Treasonous Pu$$ies-Or Why I Did Not Attend West Point When It Was Offered

Exert from ‘ABOUT FACE’, book by now deceased Coronal David Hackworth, most decorated soldier to serve in country during the Viet Nam war.

“They were the typical West Point product, skilled in good manners and the social sciences, but not cut out for warriorhood. It was a failing of the Academy that the fighters among it’s graduates-the Pattons,the Gavins, the Emersons, the Willises, the Howards, and the Browns were increasingly becoming the exceptions, not the rule, and it was a disservice to both the officers who came out of the school and the nation they pledged to serve, that getting down on the ground was among the last things the students were prepared for when they graduated from West Point.”

My brother and other Viet Nam vets told me too many events of West Point “trained” “officers” getting good men killed through their stupidity, their inability to throw away the book and deal with the reality of a real war.

Too many stood there and screamed “orders” out of books which had no basis in reality when the bullets fly, men scream in pain and fear as their bodies are torn apart by bombs, bullets and shrapnel.

Warriors can not be made by a four year tutoring service at an Academy.
Warriors are born.

A real warrior does not stand a snow balls chance in hell of getting into, much less graduating from West Point today, a place which teaches how to say Yes while sucking dick and taking it up the ass while betraying one’s country.

The Ole Dog!

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