USA Hypocrisy

The OSS which became the CIA which has always been controlled by the Rothschilds trained communist guerrillas to overthrow the Nationalist Chinese Government so Communist China could exist.

This morning I got up early as sleep seemed over, made a pot of coffee, got a cup and ran through any real new news on the internet.

Slim pickings.

Got another cup, and did something I seldom do, turned the TV on in the morning.
There was the usual propaganda and meaningless bull shit distractions which is why I seldom turn the TV on.

This morning going trough the channels the propaganda was about the head of the CCP visiting the Putinister in Russia.

Xi had operantly come up with some plan for a “ceasefire” in the make do war

in Ukraine which Russia could have wrapped up in less than a week if that had been the plan, instead of a long drawn out political tool to screw with humanity by the Rothschilds.

On two different stations they had the little beady eyed weasel looking Israhell citizen Blinken

saying, and I am paraphrasing but it is close enough to make the point.

A ceasefire without removal of Russian forces from Ukraine would be legitimizing Russia’s aggression and invasion.


When is Israhell getting out of Palestine?

When is the USA getting their troops out of Japan, Germany, Iraq, Syria?

And when the hell is Israel getting the hell out of America?

I turned the TV off and got a book out of my library dealing with the war crimes of the No Combat Coward Ike Holocausting close to two million Germans in death camps in Germany after WW 2.

OTHER LOSSES: The Shocking Truth Behind the Mass Deaths of Disarmed German Soldiers and Civilians Under General Eisenhower’s Command

Arial view of Ike’s extermination camps

Least you think this was a one time thing, it is a tried and true death camp formula used by the US military for well over a hundred years.

America’s 1st Black Concentration Camp *The Devils Punchbowl, Natchez, MS
USA military exterminated 20,000 freed slave women and children in death camps.
The men were not in the death camps as they were doing slave labor for the USA Army.

By the way, when is the USA going to get their troops and occupation “government”

the hell out of the illegally occupied for 158 years and counting, Republic of Texas?

Political whores!

The Ole Dog!

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