Red Cross document putting the total of ALL persons who died in German work camps at about 272,000 or less.

The Red Cross had access to German work camps and regularly delivered care packages to the camps until the Allies kept blowing up the trains bringing food and medicines to the camps.

In 1933 there were at most 9.5 million people of the Jewish religion in Europe

In 1948 there were 9.3 million people of the Jewish religion in Europe.

There are simply not 6 million missing people in Europe of the jewish religion.
Not even 1 million.

On the other hand, the red Russian Khazarian Jews

Who took over Russia in 1917

Holocausted between 66 to 70 million humans between 1917 and 1991.

It can be proved the “6 million Jews” “holocausted” by Germany in WW 2 is bull shit,

and it can be proved the Jews of Russia Holocausted at least 66 million humans.

We now know the number holocausted by the red Russian Khazarian Jews was closer to 12 to 13 million humans in two years during the Holodomor

Homicidal maniac Jew Stalin made a list of people to murder each morning and they were murdered.

Yet 77 years after the end of WW 2 the BIG LIE of a German Holocaust of 6 million people of the Jewish religion

is still being forced on humanity with people setting in prisons for merely pointing out the fact of the big lie.

The Holocaust was in Russia and the Jews did it!
And Jews are NON SEMITIC red Russian Turkmen Mongolian mongrel Khazarians.

I will link to a piece at a site I am sure is a CIA disinformation limited hang out where you can see where a Jew acting like and “anti-zionist” tries to buttress the belief there was a German holocaust and that mongrel Khazarians are semitic.

Gotta watch the sneaky little holocausting bastards!

One more thing.
Look at the millions of humans slaughtered in the Jew instigated WW 2.

But we are only supposed to talk about or care about a made up imaginary 6 million of the Jewish religion.

The Ole Dog!

‘Zionism During the “holocaust” ‘

How Zionism helped the Nazis perpetrate the Holocaust

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