US Senator Lindsey Graham’s Threatens Shoot Down Of Russian planes

The limp wristed Rothschild’s Bitch from South Carolina is foaming at the mouth to start World War 3

using as an excuse the take down of a USA spy drone with it’s transponder off trying to sneak into Russian airspace.

He now wants the US Military to start shooting down Russian planes after a provocation by the USA against Russia, which is guaranteed to start World War 3.

As a warrior who understands reincarnation and can study the wars I did and the aftermaths, it seems to me war does not serve humanity well.

There is no need for poor kids dying for the cowardly exploits of rich f##ks.

If the limp wristed Ratschild’s Chicken Hawk bitch from South Carolina desires war, why involve poor Americans kids and American’s wealth?

Russia picks a diplomat of equal statue to the limp wristed chicken hawk from South Carolina and they fight a duel.

The dead politician’s country lost the “war”, the country of politician left alive won the “war”.

Both countries have a hell of a party, BBQ and celebration afterwards for three days.

So neither side spends the poor people’s taxes for the tools of this war, I have a fine set of match grade barrel dueling pistols I would be glad to loan for the occasion.

Course I would have to clean the chicken shit off of the one the limp wristed Chicken Hawk war mongering coward from South Carolina touched.

The Ole Dog!

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