Three Ratschild’s Whores Stood Up To Speak

‘Three Ratschild’s Whores Stood Up To Speak’

Three Ratschild’s whores stood up to speak-
One who’s mind was very weak-

One who’s spread legs got her to the top-
One a Citizen of Israhell Khazarian Mafia sop-

They whined and demanded war on humanity-
For the benefit of their Ratschild Master’s depravity-

Oh God how long shall the evil prosper cried the blood of the innocent slain-
How long will you stay your hand from those evil one’s you disdain-

God answered human life on this rock is but a fleeting time-
Then their body’s die and their souls and ass are MINE!!!

So fret not of the evil minions of hell seemingly prospering from the blood of innocent children-
Soon in hell of their putrid fat the imps of hell, oil for the fires will be rendering.

The Ole Dog!

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