Evil reared it’s head openly and unashamed-
The pedophile Killer Jabber One Worlders were not allowed to be named-

On any Rothschild owned and controlled media platform worldwide-
Behind daily tons of propaganda spewed by 30 shekel whores evil did hide-

Pissing in the face of God perversions were the order of the day-
Humans were told they had no option but to meekly obey-

As the evil Dark Side minions made total war on the earth and humanity-
God’s little children were raped and murdered by self proclaimed “elites” insanity-

In the end humanity with their backs to the wall-
Upon the Strength of God to resist did call-

With no choice given them but to fight or die a slave-
The man, the woman, the child, even the un-“elite” knave-

Joined together in righteous self preservation brotherhood-
Slaughtered the evil “elites” on street corner and car hood-

In halls of “government”, in grotesque mansions and in their beds-
The self preservation Righteous ones made base balls of the “elites” heads-

After the vultures, beast of the field, the worm had their fill-
The earth and humanity were given the space and time to heal.

The Ole Dog!

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