Tulsie Gabby compares Biden to Hitler

Meanwhile in America! POLITICAL WHORES ARE MASSIVE HYPOCRITE LIARS Political whores are such massive hypocrite liars- God Cop/Bad Cop is a game they love to play for the voter lie buyers- They draw straws to see which one plays which part for the Devil’s Mass- Which bends over and takes the turn of getting “Hitler’s” […]


‘THE GOOD RESET’ Evil reared it’s head openly and unashamed- The pedophile Killer Jabber One Worlders were not allowed to be named- On any Rothschild owned and controlled media platform worldwide- Behind daily tons of propaganda spewed by 30 shekel whores evil did hide- Pissing in the face of God perversions were the order of […]

Imprisoned Serial Killer Cured His Child Rapist Cellmate in California Of Raping Children

My Viet Nam vet brother has mentioned when he was in Viet Nam he read an article which explained how Arkansas cured rapinst. With shock therapy. High voltage shock therapy. No electrocuted rapist ever became a repeat offender. Bet this perverted child raper is premaritally cured of raping children now! The Ole Dog! Imprisoned Serial […]