Pro-Kremlin Rally Held in Tel Aviv in Support of Putin and the War in Ukraine

The Ukraine-Russia “war” is not a war, it is a pre-planned Mind F##K.

Oh humans are dying in the Ratschild’s Mind F##k sure enough.
But not any Ratschilds or the children of the high up political whores playing parts in this charade.

Russia could have had that “war” taken care of in a week at the most.
But they have dragged it out for damn near a year with the Talking Head “media” already saying it could last another year.

It has been used to suck defensive weapons out of many “governments” arsenals until they don’t have enough defensive weapons left to defeat a group of Girl Scouts selling cookies.

It has been used to disrupt farming and the shipping of farm products.

It has been used to cause many “governments” to go even deeper into debt by shoveling billions of dollars into the black hole bottomless pit of they corruption which is the “Ukrainian government”.

It has been used to drive up the price of energy while restricting the flow of gas and oil to those who need it.

And it has been used to take the public’s attention off of the Killer Jab Holocaust,

the leaks coming out the whole thing was a Scamdemic

ordered by the Rothschilds.

Those who understand and see the whole picture are few in comparison to the sheeple who only see the pig slop they are fed by the Rothschild’s controlled “media” world wide.

People pick sides and play the game as if the whole thing were real and not just a Ratschild’s Mind F##K.

Ask yourself why Israhell would be supporting Russia.
Well, occupied Palestine is populated by red Russian Non Semitic Turkmen Mongolian Mongrel Khazarians, Putin’s cousins.

Khazarian Jew KGB agent Putin

One must understand most Khazarian Jews really believe the big lie they are indoctrinated with along with their mamas teat milk, they are a “very special people chosen by God”

Instead of the pack of mongrel curs they in fact are.

Most Jews who are mostly Non Semitic Khazarian mongrels by bloodline, are just useful idiots for the Ratschilds to use to make war on humanity.

When they are no longer useful but a liability, the Ratschilds will and have stepped on them like the cock roaches the Ratschilds consider them to be.

And the rank and file Khazarians are not all that bright.
Every time humanity has had enough of the evil of the Jews and revolt, mobs grab pitchforks and base ball bats for some payback, it is not the Ratschilds, nor their top lieutenant families which pay the price, but the rank and file Jews.

Not that most of them do not deserve what they get, but it is not real smart taking out the attack dogs while letting live the Dog’s Masters who commanded them to attack humanity.

The Ole Dog!

red Russian Non Semitic Turkmen Mongolian Mongrel Khazarians Illegally Occupying Palestine while Holocausting the Semitic Indigenous Palestinians Hold Rally In Support Of Rothschild’s Illusion of War between Ukraine and Russia, Both Run By Khazarian Jews

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