Waiting For My Massive Drop Dead Heart attack!

I have been out clearing out opportunist plants from my repurposed as vegetable planters steel bathtubs.
Set them up about waist high so I don’t have to bend over or get on my old knees to work the garden.

The plants I am removing do not go to waste as I throw them into the chicken house and the chickens eat them and repurpose the “weeds” as healthy dark yellow to orange yolked eggs.

But according to the gospel of the Killer Jabbers, working the soil is one reason all these people are falling over dead with massive heart attacks which only started after the idiocy of mass killer jabbing folks for an imaginary illness.

Except, I may be an ass hole, but I am not a sheep or an idiot.
I did not commit assisted suicide with the Ratschild’s Chemical/Biological Voodoo Witches brew euthanasia death dart.

So instead of falling over dead

I will just have to raise some food grown in organic soil without pesticides/herbicides or chemical fertilizers so when the USA has destroyed all the food processing plants, shut all the farmers down, poisoned all the Ohio farm land with Dioxins, me and mine will still be alive and eating.

For you like minded folks I also suggest laying in some precious metals like steel rifles and pistols, brass cartridges with lead slugs so you can stack the Government Worshippers at the curb who might still be alive to try to kill you and take your food.

Course myself I have two very large compost piles, but I would not want to compost spike protein adulterated fools into my organic compost piles.

So better to just stack em at the curb.
And make sure your pets can not get to them.
You want your dogs and cats eating healthy also.

The Ole Dog!

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