SS Nazi Ratschild’s Bitch Soros Wants To Dump Heavy Medal Particles On You, Your Food, Your Land & Water

Nazi Ratschild’s Bitch Soros wants to Chemtrail your asses to death to “save” you from “Man Made Global Warming”.

Ratschild’s whore bitch George Soros argued in favor using an “experimental” weather control technology which has been used already for many years called Chemtrails

Some years back when I mentioned to a friend there were Chemtrails in her photo of the Texas outback, she said she had never noticed them and an inbred hillbilly cedar whacker sarcastically remarked the sky was falling.

I sent him a peer reviewed paper discussing the process from an USA Ivy League University at that time already years old.

But knowing the straight line genetics of his family I doubt he could understand what it said.

to mitigate global warming, during a speech in Germany on Thursday.

The lying sack of pig shit used the usual lies of “melting ice caps, raising sea levels and humanity burning up in increasingly hot weather while for the second year in South Texas the shoots from the roots of my huge line tree killed in a massive four day freeze three years ago,

froze for the second year in a roll in “sunny South Texas”

MY older brother who has lived on his twenty acres up to wards Austin Texas for over fifty years says they can hardly walk around for all the downed trees and broken off limbs from the worst ice storm he has ever seen.

I betcha if a noose was put around Soros’s neck, a noose on the other end was placed around Al Gore’s neck and they were dangled over the rail of a frozen over bridge in “sunny” South Texas using each other as counter weights, it would solve both of their problems!

And it would be beneficial to understanding the crimes being done to humanity if the sheep started marrying outside of their uncles, nieces and close cousins so their kids could understand simple shit!


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