Rothschild’s Private Fiefdom of IsraHell Located in Occupied Palestine Holocaust More Syrian Civilians in Aftermath Of Devastating Earthquake

The recent War Criminal IsraHell airstrikes on a residential area in Damascus have left at least five people dead and 15 critically wounded.

Syria’s Foreign Ministry condemned Tel Aviv after Israeli airstrikes struck Damascus in the early morning of 19 February, killing at least five people and critically wounding 15 others. According to state-run news agency SANA, the ministry urged “international action” to prevent further attacks on Syrian soil.

“Syria expects the United Nations Secretariat and Security Council to condemn Israeli aggression and crimes, take the necessary measures to deter them, hold them accountable, punish their perpetrators, and ensure they do not recur.”

The ministry further remarked that this attack comes in the context of recurring Israeli attacks against civilian targets and coincides with the recent attack by ISIS in Homs, which left at least 53 dead.

Local reports indicate that the Syrian air defenses incepted most of the missiles, adding that the air strikes also hit locations in Damascus’ countryside, including on the outskirts of Shahba and in the north of al-Suwayda in southwestern Syria.

Photos and videos of the bombardment have surfaced on social media, showing severe damage to residential areas and revealing the deceased of the attack, such as Syrian national and pharmacist Lilian Aoudi. Among those who died during the attack include a doctor and an engineer.


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