Soul-less KHAZARIIAN Zionist Zombie Invasive Species red Russian Terrorist strip, beat Palestinian child at checkpoint

An evil bunch who does their best to Holocaust innocent children wholesale in the children’s own homeland CAN NOT be human, or have a soul. Shocking footage shows Non Semitic red Russian Turkmen Mongolian mongrel Khazarian Invasive species IsraHell Terrorist beating a Semitic Indigenous Palestinian child after he refuses to take his trousers off in […]

Rothschild’s Private Fiefdom of IsraHell Located in Occupied Palestine Holocaust More Syrian Civilians in Aftermath Of Devastating Earthquake

The recent War Criminal IsraHell airstrikes on a residential area in Damascus have left at least five people dead and 15 critically wounded. Syria’s Foreign Ministry condemned Tel Aviv after Israeli airstrikes struck Damascus in the early morning of 19 February, killing at least five people and critically wounding 15 others. According to state-run news […]

SS Nazi Ratschild’s Bitch Soros Wants To Dump Heavy Medal Particles On You, Your Food, Your Land & Water

Nazi Ratschild’s Bitch Soros wants to Chemtrail your asses to death to “save” you from “Man Made Global Warming”. Ratschild’s whore bitch George Soros argued in favor using an “experimental” weather control technology which has been used already for many years called Chemtrails to mitigate global warming, during a speech in Germany on Thursday. The […]

Holocausting Innocent Children With Killer Jabs-N.J. boy, 12, dies after collapsing during no-contact football practice

Elijah Jordan Brown-Garcia, a sixth-grade student at KIPP Rise Academy in Newark, was running drills Feb. 10 when he collapsed and became unresponsive. A New Jersey mother wants answers after her 12-year-old son died after collapsing during a no-contact football practice. Elijah Jordan Brown-Garcia, a sixth-grade student at KIPP Rise Academy in Newark, was running […]

Zionist Zombie Fear Porn-Iran Reportedly On Cusp Of Making Nukes Having Enriched Uranium To 84% Purity

JFK in the 1960s was going to stop the Rothschild’s private fiefdom of Israhell in occupied Palestine From getting ILLEGAL nukes. JFK was going to stop the Rothschild’s from getting their own stock of ILLEGAL NUKES But then the Ratschild’s Anti-American CIA made JFK’s head explode, IsrhaHell got their ILLEGAL nukes, and LBJ became president. […]