Thank God the Little Child & Pregnant Woman Gang Raping Till Death yankee Terrorist Are Taking Honorable Confederates Names From Off Their Academy Where They Teach How to do War Crimes

Saw a piece this morning where at the yankee Naval academy the child and pregnant woman gang raping till death yankee war criminals are removing Honorable Confederate names from a building and replacing them with Jimmy Carter’s name.

Thank God.
I guarantee you the souls of the honorable Confederates have not been happy the evil yankee war criminals tried to sully their names by association.

As far as Jimmy Carter, when he was running for president one of my brothers and I watched one of his speeches of TV.
When he was through my brother said he thought he would vote for him as he was a good christian man.

I told my brother he is either a damned liar or a damned fool.
He said in one breath he was a bible believing christian and in the next he was going to achieve lasting peace in the Middle East.

Anyone who believes the Bible also believes there will be no peace in the Middle East until Jesus the Christ returns and Jimmy Carter is not Jesus!

An older brother told me he read where a man had developed a way of determining if someone was lying or telling the truth by their facial expressions and the way they said their words which was more accurate than a lie detecter machine.

This man had watched Jimmy Carter’s speeches and said when he first started campaigning he was telling the truth as he really intended what he promised, but as the campaign went on he was lying saying the same things.

That’s because he had been informed he was a hand puppet who would do what he was told, but he still had to tell people he was going to do things he now knew he would not be allowed to in order to become president.

He sold his ass and soul for the position of president.

When he was president I had a bumper sticker on the back of my car saying BOZO FOR PRESIDENT-WHAT’S ONE MORE CLOWN IN THE WHITE HOUSE.

The joke going around was his ole lady was going to divorce him as she was tired of getting on top when they had sex as all he could do was f##k up!

And closet homosexual who shacked up with men

Thank God the evil Cromwellian “witch” burning yankee white trash are taking Honorable Confederate Names from their war crimes academy’s and replacing them with names of liars who could only f##k up!

The Ole Dog!

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