WHO Frantically Trying To Drum Up New Scamdemic Boogie Man So IT Can Killer Jab Holocaust More Humans

The WHO, an UNELECTED brainchild of the UNELECTED by real people UN,

which is run by a Terrorist queer and a Techno Geek pedophile

WHO is the fag?

Is desperately searching for another Scandemic.

The one where the yearly common flu was renamed “COVID-19” to scare everyone into voluntarily

or mandatorily

depending where one lived, to be injected with the NON vaccine mRNA Experimental Nuremberg Code violating

Violation of this 1947 code is a HANGING OFFENCE

assisted suicide Killer Jab.

to kill off humanity to the 500 million the evil child raping self appointed “elites” decided was enough humans to serve them as slaves while being easer to control than billions of humans as they chiseled into stone on the Georgia Guidstones.

As the Non Vaccine mRNA Killer Jabs has not Holocausted near enough humans as fast as the child raping war mongering

“elites” hoped for

The “elites” UNELECTED WHO run by terrorist queers and child raping pedophiles are frantically trying to drum up a new boogie man to scare the humans into taking more Witches Brew Voodoo “vaccines”

to cull the human herd.

They are so desperate they have seized upon a “SCAMDEMIC” which they claim has killed a whole 9 people!

“Nine deaths and 16 suspected cases have been reported so far in a new Marburg virus outbreak in Africa

The World Health Organization (WHO) has convened to discuss a new outbreak of a highly infectious virus in Central Africa. The body is looking at several vaccine candidates that could potentially stop the pathogen that causes hemorrhagic fever with a fatality rate of up to 88%.

WHO officials held an “urgent” meeting on Tuesday to review the Marburg virus now spreading in Equatorial Guinea, where at least nine people have lost their lives to the illness, in addition to more than a dozen suspected cases. The agency announced that medical experts and protective gear would be sent to the country, and said samples would be brought to a lab in Senegal to help trace the origin of the new outbreak.

While there is currently no accepted vaccine or antiviral therapy to treat Marburg, the WHO noted that a “range of potential treatments” are now being evaluated, including “blood products, immune therapies and drug therapies,” as well as multiple candidate vaccines undergoing phase 1 trials.”

Nine whole people.

More than that are murdered in most American cities weekly, sometimes nightly by habitual criminals George Soros installed “prosecutors” who regularly refuse to prosecute these repeat offenders which the Soros minions again and again turn lose on innocent people in American cities.

The WHO and UN whats to save lives?
How about demanding baby rapers, women rapers, car jackers, home invaders, armed robbers, murderers, whored out politicians and Soros funded “prosecutors” are hanged in mass to stop the Pandemic of mass murder against innocent Americans?

Now about the UN protecting the red Russian Non Semitic Turkmen Mongolian Mongrel Khazarians


The Indigenous Semitic Palestinian people.

Perhaps if the WHO & UN REALLY want to save lives they will develop a vaccine against the ZIONIST ZOMBIE VIRUS!

The Ole Dog!


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