Killer Jabbed Former Groomer of Children for Pedophilia Disney Executive, Dead at 47

Killer Jabbed Dave Hollis, former Disney Groomer of Children For being Sexual Objects for perverted Baby Raping Pedophiles was recently hospitalized with heart issues, according to multiple reports. The Killer Jabbed former distribution of Pedophile Grooming Material executive for Disney, has died at the age of 47. The best thing about not grooming children as […]

USA Hates Americans

The USA/DC is paying $2,125/month in refugee benefits to illegal Criminal Invaders resettled in the United States (Forced on Americans by USA/DC). Meanwhile, Social Security recipients who have paid into the system their whole live receive $1,400/month on average MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

Fiat Money and the French Revolution

Weimar Germany’s hyperinflation is well known, as are more recent hyperinflations in Argentina and, most recently, Venezuela. Perhaps fewer people have heard of John Law’s Mississippi Scheme in France and the issuance of paper money that underlay it. And perhaps even fewer still have heard that the issuance of paper money by the government contributed […]

WHO Frantically Trying To Drum Up New Scamdemic Boogie Man So IT Can Killer Jab Holocaust More Humans

The WHO, an UNELECTED brainchild of the UNELECTED by real people UN, which is run by a Terrorist queer and a Techno Geek pedophile Is desperately searching for another Scandemic. The one where the yearly common flu was renamed “COVID-19” to scare everyone into voluntarily or mandatorily depending where one lived, to be injected with […]