The more vaccines a baby gets, the higher the likelihood of sudden death: STUDY

New research published in the peer-reviewed journal Cureus on February 2 shows that vaccine uptake is directly correlated to infant mortality – meaning the more vaccinations a baby receives, the greater the likelihood of sudden death. Authors Gary S. Goldman, PhD, an independent computer scientist, and Neil Z. Miller, a medical researcher, confirmed once again […]

‘There is spike protein inside every single cancer cell’-JUST LIKE THE ONES THEY INJECTED INTO THE MASK WEARING SHEEP’S ASSES

Wonder why there has been an explosion of aggressive cancers, even in the young AFTER the CRIME of injecting mRNA NON vaccine SPIKE PROTEINS into most of the sheep’s asses? Dr. Ryan Cole’s Biopsy Results May Explain The Shocking Rise In “Mysterious” Cancers — He Explains There Is Spike Protein “Inside Every Single Cancer Cell” […]

Ratschild Bitch Tutsie Gabby Vs Ratschild Bitch Hillary Witch Bitch Klinton, The Illusion of USA/DC Choice in Political Whores

Tutsie Gabby, a DC Ratschild’s whore who voted to fund the war against humanity and Americans, who supported the USA blowing God’s little children to tiny bloody pieces all over the world, HAS SEEN THE LIGHT!! HALLELUJAH! So now the Ratschild’s whore Has in the interest of the Americans she whored her ass to the […]