US Which Illegally Invaded Syria & STEALS Syria’s oil, refuses to assist Syria after devastating earthquakes

“Syrian President Bashar Assad has accepted Russia’s offer of assistance following a series of deadly earthquakes that rocked the region on Monday, the Kremlin has said. Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke to Assad by phone to convey his condolences and offer help. The earthquakes rocked the northern part of Syria and central and southeastern Türkiye, […]


“The iconic Rothschild family, whose accumulated if mostly hidden wealth is according to some among the world’s greatest fortunes, is planning to take its flagship investment bank, Rothschild & Co, private. The bank, whose predecessors helped finance the Duke of Wellington’s victory over Napoleon in 1815 at the battle of Waterloo.” Look more closely at […]

Anti-Semitic flyers found in Atlanta suburbs

Anti-Semitic flyers were found scattered in driveways across the suburbs of the US city of Atlanta, Georgia on Sunday morning. They were discovered in Sandy Springs and Dunwoody, which are home to many Jewish residents, local officials say. Well, not hard to find out who is the terrorist criminals posting flyers against the Semitic Palestinians […]