No more movies made until every actor, director, and producer gets the KILLER JAB

This is good for America! Holly Whore has been making war on freedom, families, decent morals, pushing perversions and communism every since it’s conception. If all the actors and directors get Killer Jabbed and die, Anti-American filth will cease being produced in Holly Whore. That’s a WIN-WIN situation. Lot of baby rapers die, and the […]

To Hell With Working Americans Propagandist Ryan McMaken at Mises Institute says Social Security Taxes Aren’t “Your” Money

The propagandist tells Americans it don’t matter if you had your wealth systematically stolen at the point of a gun by USA/DC political whores all your life and now you are broke, old and starving, you should just shut the hell up and catch a rat to cook or something. He “justifies” his F##k the […]